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Water Tank Cleaning

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6 hrs
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Highly Skilled
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Water Tank Cleaning Price Chart


Installation/Replacement Price Installation/Replacement Price
Man Hole Cleaning 200 Sludge removal 400
Mechanized dewatering 150 UV Radiation and Surface cleaning 450
High pressure cleaning 450 Vacuum cleaning 350
Anti-bacterial spray 500    


FlipMyBHK Water Tank cleaning Guidelines


  • Our process of cleaning water tank is automated, scientific and efficient. Most of the work is done by leveraging the machines to clean the water tanks.
  • We are providing trained field staff to deliver each specific cleaning solution.
  • Our Water Tank Cleaning service take 2 to 3 hours depending on the job.
  • Our Staff will come with the required new and innovative equipments/products like chemicals, pressure machine, motor pump etc.
  • Water Tank Cleaning involves:

              (a)    Mechanized Dewatering of WaterTank, 
              (b)    Man hole Cleaning, 
              (c)    Removal of Sludge through special Sludge Pumps, 
              (d)    High pressure cleaning, 
              (e     Vacuum Cleaning through Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, 
              (f)     U V Radiation of the Tank, 
              (g)     Anti-bacterial spray for walls and ceilings of the tank


FlipMyBHK Service Assurance


  • FlipMyBHK has a proven track record providing safe, sanitary and hygiene Water Tank Cleaning Service.
  • Providing professional/trained staff, expert in the field of Tank Cleaning.
  • Assurance of Uncompromised Service Quality with Reasonable Price.
  • Background Checked Staff.
  • We follow strict quality standards to provide best quality cleaning services.