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Some Vaastu Tips for Kids Room!!

Some Basic Vaastu Tips for Kids Room!!


Children room is a hub of recreation, fun and frolic; however some basic things should be taken care of to make your child an all-rounder. Vastu complaint room suggests placing every thing at its proper location according to corresponding direction such as study table, bed, bathroom, and clock, and window, door and so on. Proper placement of things instills positive thinking in children’s mind to work harder and making then cheerful.


Every parent is keen to see their child’s progress in every sphere of life while there are some negative things that every house has due to Vastu defects which affects children behavior and mind. Setting your child’s room with Vastu friendly rules, can perhaps give you positive results making your child obedient and progressive. Tips for Vaastu compliant kids’ room are as follows:


  • For children bedroom west is the best direction. For girl's room north west is best, whereas for boys it can be northern and eastern part of the house.
  • Entrance door of children bedroom should be in the north or east, and it should have one shutter only.
  • The window should be opposite to the door & it should be small in west as compared to the one in east or north direction.
  • Furniture should be few inches away from walls.
  • Bed should be placed at south direction and some space should be left around the bed. if space cannot provide around the bed, then you can place the bed at south west corner or south or west corner.
  • While sleeping children should place their head at east side and legs towards west side. It Is very profound way for them to have high intelligence & knowledge. This position can raise more memory power.
  • For almirahs and cabinet south or west direction is appropriate.
  • Computer and television should not be placed in children bedroom and if you wish to place so the south east directionis suitable for television and can place computer in north direction of the room.
  • LCD or the monitor at night reflects the bed, which behaves like a mirror & reflects bad energy.
  • If you want to place study table in bedroom, then it should be in south direction that child could face east, north and northeast while studying.
  • In children room up-light at south-east corner, it is good for health and also tends to generate positive energy too. Never use sharp lights and spot lights as it creates mental strain.
  • Color affects mood a lot and even every aspect of life. Basically green color is ideal for children’s bedroom as it increases brain power and also provides the freshness and peace.
  • The child should have a solid wall behind him, as it signifies support. Study room table should not be too small or too big. A small table can be uncomfortable to work on, while, a big table can adversely affect the competence of a child.
  • The door of the bathroom should not be exactly opposite to the bed.
  • Bookshelves and cabinets should be located in the east, north, and north-east directions.
  • Some parents arrange bookshelf above study table. However, Vaastu recommends not to lacing bookshelf above study table. It may create undue stress for child.
  • In children rooms children have to occupy the Eshan corner for their studies, but don’t put any heavy items at Eshan corner.


These few tips can be beneficial for the physical as well as mental development of your child & will provide the happiness and allow him/her to excel in all fields